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Our dentists provide the highest quality dental care to our patients in all areas of dentistry. In our Budapest dental practice, in addition to treatment, great emphasis is placed on prevention and participation in regular screening examinations, so we are waiting for our patients with FREE status registration and preparation of a treatment plan.

We undertake the generally accepted guarantee or individually guarantee for the dentures we make. If the denture made by us breaks off or falls out, loosens, cracks, discolors during the warranty period during its intended use, we will restore, repair or replace it free of charge.

Warranty period of dentures:

  • In case of dental prosthesis: 1 year
  • In case of implant: 3 years

In which case is the warranty valid?

It is a condition of the warranty that the patient appears at the mandatory follow-up examinations prescribed after oral surgery. The follow-up examination is also due every six months for dentures and implants. As the patient's state of health and hygiene habits also affect the outcome of the dental treatment and cannot be guaranteed by the treating physician, the warranty is about the quality of the denture delivered.


The warranty is therefore valid in the following cases:

The patient attends the free screening every six months and consults with their doctor.

The patient follows the oral hygiene guidelines and the special cleaning of the denture or implant  recommended by the dentist.

The prosthesis or implant is used as intended, the denture is exposed only to physiological chewing force, which does not lead to its overload.

In case of defects in the technical preparation of the handed prosthesis or implant.


Our dentist cannot guarantee the warranty in the following cases:

The patient does not show up at the semi-annual screening examinations, so their doctor cannot check the condition of the denture or implant.

The patient does not follow the oral hygiene standards recommended by his/her doctor, the denture is not kept properly clean, the patient's oral hygiene is neglected.

The denture is not used as intended, it is exposed to extreme force (eg: gnashing of teeth at night, damage due to tooth clenching).

As part of our guarantee, each of our patients receives a warranty card, which contains the names of our doctor's practice and doctor's name, and on which the fact of appearance at mandatory check-in times can also be indicated. An additional condition for the use and validity of the guarantee is that the patient keeps the received warranty card and takes it with him/her to the control examinations, and to record the fact of the examinations with his/her doctor

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